Friday, October 21, 2022

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Every Tuesday morning since the 13th of September Denis Russo comes from Birr RFC to Lusmagh NS.

He parks his car in the car park, he gets out of his car and gets the equipment he needs. He sets up the pitch and waits for the kids. By 9.30 the senior class run out of the school followed  by the middle class at 10.15,  and finally the juniors have a short session after a little break. Every Tuesday he does this routine over and over again.

He does the routine so the kids go and get training til the blitz. For the training we did dodgeball, bull-dog , last man down, some drills and training always ends with a match.

A social blitz will take place in Birr RFC (next to the swimming pool) on October 26th. If you win you get nothing as it is a social blitz but everyone gets sweets. My favourite part of the training sessions is dodgeball.

By Jareth Coldrick

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